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Beating Heart

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[sticky post] Rant Bookmite: Blood-Doll or Blood-Angel [Oct. 1st, 2014|08:07 pm]
Beating Heart
"Drama is human, but that's no excuse for acting like an idiot."

Like all Humans, I'm supposed to feed the Vampires or Lycans without Forever Protection.
Ask and you shall receive.

This is what I do. No payment necessary.
Donations are welcomed but not required.  ALL funds go toward apples, so I can help more of you.


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The Troubles of Dealing With People [Oct. 4th, 2014|12:35 am]
Beating Heart
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I love people, believe me.  I HAVE to love people, because Second Life is full of them.
They aren't always easy to deal with, and a large percentage of them seem to be under the mistaken impression that they're actually funny, I guess?  That having been said, it needs to also be understood that a large number of them can be difficult.  For instance, I was recently approached by a woman who had gotten hurt, and I made the mistake of allowing her to turn to me for comfort.  I thought she was sweet.  I enjoyed being told that my current efforts were not only noble, but something she wanted to be a part of.  I fell for it.  That was my mistake, and I don't blame her.  She probably couldn't help herself.  The other and probably worst mistake was that I had allowed her to seduce me.
The end result was that she turned and ran, and in record time.  I think my biggest mistake was telling her that I 'loved and respected her'.  She was sweet enough, and I love all of my friends, so why not?  It didn't mean that I wanted to pick curtains with her, but that might have been half of the problem.  I think the most important lesson I've learned through this is that what I've recently chosen to do is too important to me, and it was wrong of me to think it had room for a tag-along.     
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